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DIGI-magazine FAQ

Can I create, manage and generate my publications in DIGI-magazine format?

Yes, DIGI-magazine ASP (Application Service Provider) gives you the possibility to control, maintain and update your own DIGI-magazine yourself through your web browser without the mediation of  Noviafacts.


Do I need to download or install any DIGI-magazine ASP software?

No, you don't need to install or download any software and/or software updates. DIGI-magazine ASP is a web-service. This means that you access this service online through your web-browser. You always have access to the latest version of this software automatically.

[top] Do I need any technical knowledge to use DIGI-magazine ASP?

Absolutely not. DIGI-magazine ASP is very intuitive and easy to use, enabling anyone to begin creating their own digital publications within minutes. However, when contracting the service, we also provide a no cost helpdesk support team if you have any questions.


Who hosts DIGI-magazine ASP?

Noviafacts hosts DIGI-magazine ASP. We take care of all the software and hardware maintenance for you. However, you retain full ownership and control of all your content, data and all the DIGI-magazines you create.


How do I sign up?

Ask a login code to  Noviafacts access DIGI-magazine ASP. Once you sign up, you are ready to start creating your digital magazines from the browser of your computer.


Can I get support from the customer helpdesk?

As soon as you become a customer of  Noviafacts, you can automatically use the assistance of the helpdesk team for free.


What do I need to create my DIGI-magazine in DIGI-magazine ASP?

DIGI-magazine prefers to receive files in PDF format of minimum 150 dpi.


Will DIGI-magazine work for all types of printed materials?

DIGI-magazine is designed to duplicate the readability of a two-pages layout, book-like document online. Other pre-existing layouts (gatefolds, accordion-fold, partial page sized brochures) can be also duplicated. However, if you have something unique, just ask  Noviafacts, we are happy to deliver a custom made product.


Which page formats is DIGI-magazine ASP best suit for?

DIGI-magazine is best suited for sizes from A3 to A5 (portrait).


Can I create a table of contents through DIGI-magazine ASP?

Yes, you can. You can make a clicable table of contents for fast access to the contents of your DIGI-magazine (this feature is only available for the PREMIUM package).

[top] Can I include hyperlinks in my digital magazine?

Yes, you can add as many links (such as email and web-, email-, audio, video and page links) yourself as you want at no extra costs with DIGI-magazine ASP. (This feature is available for all packages: BASIC, EXTENDED and PREMIUM)

However, if you do not have the time, you can let Noviafacts do this process for you.


Can I add audio and video files to my digital magazine?

DIGI-magazine are a multimedia tool, designed to combine texts, sounds, images, videos, animations and all types of documents. Any document or multi-media format that can be opened in a standard browser can be integrated into your DIGI-magazine.


What application will I use to read my DIGI-magazine?

Any other reader software need to be installed. It can be opened in a standard browser.


Is there any limitation on the number of pages I can include in my DIGI-magazine?

No, the length has no impact on the reading. DIGI-magazine can be instantly viewed independently of the number of pages this one has.


How much disk space does a typical DIGI-magazine take up?

Any space, since it can be opened and viewed directly from your browser. Nevertheless, DIGI-magazine allows you to downlod a PDF or a EXE version, in case you want to work offline.


What browsers do I need to access DIGI-magazine?

DIGI-magazine can be accessed  from all platforms and browsers that have Flash Player 6 or above installed. Flash Player is a browser plug-in from Macromedia that is installed on 98% of the Internet-enabled computers. It is available for free from Macromedia’s web.


What web browsers does DIGI-magazine ASP support?

- Windows 98 and higher with Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 1.0
- Apple Macintosh with OS 10 or higher with Internet Explorer 5.2. for Mac or Safari 1.0

[top] What is a template?

One template are "pre-made" interactive presentation where your DIGI-magazine is showed. When you apply for a certain template. The typeface, font color and size are already set. However, you can  ask Noviafacts to customise your template to have the same look and feel of your company colours and add your company logo as well.


Why has Noviafacts chosen for ASP?

Installed software applications require the user a costly hard/software infrastructure to run it and people to maintain it. With ASP all these costs are eliminated for the user. All application features are available through your web-browser. Noviafacts take care of the expense of providing all the infrastructure to deliver the service.


What is the digital format, and how is it different from the print format?

The new format is a powerful, new digital form with the same layout, text, and advertisements as the print version. The digital format offers a paper-like reading experience, but with many advantages possible only in digital format like multimedia functionalities.