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About us: The Company

Our Mission:
- To provide publishers with creative and affordable digital solutions for publishing their content on the web.
- To help publishers achieve higher profitability by re-using their contents in new different ways.
-To guarantee the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness with an excellent price/performance relationship.

Our Vision:
To be a leader in e-publishing innovation by providing cutting-edge digital solutions focused on the field of digital publishing. Supporting this vision will be continued innovation in core products that provide value-added solutions for our clients.

Customer Focus: At Noviafacts, it is vital to understand our clients' concerns and needs in order to be able to offer integrated solutions that perfectly suit their specific requirements and help them to meet compelling competitive advantages. Fulfilling the customer's expectations is our main goal.

Market Orientation:
We aim to respond quickly to market needs, and to provide quality e-publishing business solutions that are leading edge, dynamic and fully customisable.

We maintain a proactive attitude towards the development of new technologies and products. We are always willing to learn, manage and implement new solutions.

Noviafacts strives to achieve continuous improvements in its range of products and services, creating added value for clients and building long-term customer relationship.

Noviafacts - Publishing the Future

There is a need to move away from a print-based environment in which all we look at is the page and nothing else. What you print is just one view of your intellectual property. The focus is to recognise that your management system should be more than a mirror of what you publish.

Moreover, it's important to keep in mind that production savings are just the beginning with digital publications; in the long run, you are taking the first steps toward true multi-channel publishing.